Bali Architecture Week is held again

A display titled Bali Architecture Week 2019: Popo Danes and Friends, may be held at Bentara Budaya, Bali starting on Saturday (9/2) tomorrow.

The presentation was gone to with the guide of methods for thirteen building studios, organizing the fills in as ahead of schedule as they worked together with Popo Danes, as indicated by the topical programming "Creating the Archipelago". "This product was held in a joint effort with the Indonesian Architects Association, Popo Danes Architect, Danes Art Veranda, Indonesian-Bali Architects Association and Bentara Budaya Bali," expressed Bentara Director, Warih Wisatsana.

Exhibitors contain Popo Danes Architect, Casa Studio, Dimensi Design Studio, Epic Artelier, Herry Palguna, Iwaji Studio, Jeanne Elisabeth, Kusa Architect, Lanang Wiantara, Melati Danes Space and Style, SHL Asia, Ardhi Ismana, Skala Maket Studio Architectural Models . As the caretaker, Danny Wicaksono.

Bali Architecture Week 2019 likewise endowments a narrative motion picture that tracks the strides of exhibitors concerning their joint effort. Furthermore, there's a gauging view that blessings caretakers, social spectators and eyewitnesses and performing artists inside the worldwide of engineering.

Bentara Budaya Bali can even handle the Bentara Cinema programming with picked trademark motion pictures and documentaries from Indonesia and abroad, champs of arranged honors, alluding to life round the city and its design, nearby with its issues.

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