Mental well being troubles on rise for women

A stark rise within the quantity of teenage females and younger ladies in Northern Ireland in search of assist with nervousness and depression within the previous yr might be simply the tip of the iceberg, a native charity has warned.

The new facts have been found out by means of means of Belfast charity New Life Counselling as World Mental Health Day right this moment places the talk about ‘Depression: A Global Issue’. The charity, which provides unfastened counselling throughout Northern Ireland, experienced a 23% rise within the quantity of ladies accessing their carrier from 2010 to 2011. Of the 669 females supported by means of means of New Life final year, 201 have been among the ages of 18 and 25 and 261 have been elderly 26 to 40. The charity’s leader executive Karen Collins said: “These figures present a vast boom in call for for counselling help from younger women.

“In most instances it's for assist with stress, nervousness or depression for this reason of a wide vary of pressures, frequently hooked up to relationships and family, but a few with medicine and alcohol troubles and in addition younger ladies struggling with watching after younger children. “One of the causes extra younger ladies are in search of assist is higher awareness of counselling companies and we've been operating difficult to damage down the stigmas related with psychological well being so that folks are usually now not too embarrassed to search help.”

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